This is about the criminal organsations on Earth and the Solar system


Japanse criminal organisation active since the 17th century, with over 102,400 members

its main 3 families were Yamaguchi-gumi,Sumiyoshi-kai and Inagawa-kai, until the creation of the Yakuza Federation.

Yakuza leader shipEdit

  • Oyabun/Kumicho (Family boss)
    • Saiko-komon, (Senior advisor controls 15 gangs, 439 members)
    • So-honbucho, (Headquarters Chief controls '6 gangs, 108 members)
      • Komon (Advisor)
      • Wakagashir, (1st Lieutenant/Regional gangs leader, controls 41 gangs, 941 members)
      • Shateigashira, (

2nd Lieutenant/Regional gangs leader, controls 4 gangs, 111 members)

        • Shingiin, (Law advisor/counsellor)
        • Fuku-honbucho, (1st Lieutenants assistant, controls 8 gangs, 164 members)
        • Shateigashira-hosa, (2nd Lieutentants assistants)
          • Kumicho hisho (Kumicho secretaries)
          • Kyodia (Big Brothers)
            • Kaikei (accountants)
            • Shatei (Senior bosses or Little Brothers)
              • Wakashu (Junior leaders or Young Men)
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