16th December: The First Boer war, begins between Great Britain and Dutch settlers in South Africa.


16th February: The Canadian Pacific Railway Company was incorporated and construction of the Canadian trans-continental railway began.

23rd March: The First Boer war ends with a final peace treaty on. It gave the Boers self-government in the Transvaal under a theoretical British oversight.

September: First electrical power plant and grid in Godalming, Britain.


15th November: The Berlin Conference (Kongokonferenz or "Congo Conference") took place.

22nd August: The Sino-French War began


April: The Sino-French War ends and leds to the formation of French Indochina.

9th June: Treaty of Tientsin is signed officially ending the Sino-French War.

Autumn: Unification of Bulgaria.

7th November: The Canadian trans-continental railway is completed

26th November: The Berlin Conference ended, the outcome is the General Act of the Berlin Conference, which signalled the start of the European Scramble for Africa.

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